In 2009, when Tamara bought the building that now houses Consign Couture in Portland’s St. Johns neighborhood, she was deep in a career of corporate advertising. The building was a former auto repair shop and was bought by Tamara to be a space for a side project combining her love of art and photography; never could she have imagined the ways in which the neighborhood and her never-ending pursuit of fashion would inspire a different entrepreneurial-vision. She quickly realized her drive to repurpose fashion as well as her dream of cultivating space for women to work and shop. Soon Consign Couture was established as a melting pot of community, design, mentoring and fashion — an ever evolving space that reflects Young’s creative spirit and impassioned drive.Born in Northern California and raised in a suburb of Portland Oregon, Young studied at the University of Oregon as well as having studied photography at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. With Consign Couture, she hopes to develop a community space within Portland that nurtures self esteem, inspires responsible consumption, and creates a place for neighbors to engage with purposeful design.




Where are you from?

Bellingham, Washington. 

What college did you attend?

East West College of the Healing Arts

What is your favorite thing to do in Portland?

Dance! Whether it's taking dance classes, going out dancing, or dancing alone in my room, dance will always have my heart. 

What other jobs have your done?

I've worked as a cashier and at the service desk of a food co-op, worked in retail, worked in the service industry as a barista, a busser, and a server... etc!

Anything else about you?

My dream is to one day build my own tiny home on a small piece of land with a huge garden where I will spend my time tending to my honey bees, milking my goats, collecting my chicken's eggs, and harvesting my veggies. 

Jessie Busse


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Diana Iskandar

Graphic Designer