After an item sells how do I get my money?

We issue checks on the 10th of every month (or next business day), which will include the previous month sales that total $10 or more.(i.e. on Jan 10th a payout will be made to you for any sales that you may have in December over $10). If you sell under $10 in a month, the balance will stay on your account at the shop, and will roll over to the next month’s sales. No checks will be issued until an account reaches a minimum of $10, though consigners are always welcome to use any current balances as in-store credit.


How to I keep track of my items?

Once you sign our consigner contract at the shop,within 24-48 hours we will send you an email from Simple Consign titled Welcome To Consignor Access. Often the email will go to spam folders, so if you do not receive the email check there. If you can’t find it feel free to send an email at the bottom of the page so we can confirm we have your correct email address in our system.


What does it mean when it says “payout” in the Simple Consign software when I look at my online account?

“Payout” means we have issued you a payout in the form of a check and it is waiting in your file at the store.


Can I have my check mailed to me?

We strongly encourage you to pick it up in the store for anyone who lives in the PDX-Metro area. Being a small business the cost of postage, lost checks, returned checks, and the costs incurred makes mailing checks something we cannot do for everyone. For those that live out of area or move out of area we can issue payouts via PayPal. 


What if I have a question on how much an item is priced for or how long my consignment period is for?

Please send us a detailed email via the form bellow and we will get back to you in 24-48 hours.


What if I want my items back when the consignment period is over?

Your items are active in the shop for 60 days, after that you are welcome to get unsold items in a week grace period post 90 days but after 7 days they become property of Consign Couture. 


How long do I have to pick up my expired items?

7 days.