Portland Consignment

The Last Two Years

The past two years I've had more personal growth than any other time period of my life. No matter what you may be facing I have found that the hardest things in life really do promote a new lens on life. I have gained an appreciation for all I have, a gratitude, and an understanding of life that fills me with more compassion, understanding and a deep sense of self.  

I want to thank Meg Nanna for the beautiful photos she did for The Women's Expo Magazine. about a week ago. I've been photographing as part of what I do my entire career and I have actually never had my own lifestyle shoot. She made me walk the talk I help others see for themselves. 

Fall Favorites

This past week I was so excited to photo new arrivals because Portland is so beautiful when it first turns fall. I called on 2 of my most favorite shop beauties. Its such an honor to know a stylist as talented as Karen who's willing and excited to help me our make pretty photos no matter what the job is. Karen works as a stylist and creative director at Studio Luxe in The Pearl . We've worked together on photoshoots for at least the past 8-9 years creating for own individual business endeavors together and always sit back together usually on a couch while smiling, laughing and trying to plan the next thing we want to do together. 

Dani is a friend who will always be a part of my store in some capacity. She is at an amazing place in her career forecasting trends for a major footwear company.  She has shown up more times than I can count to help model, style, list things online and so much more. She loves to support other women follow their passion.

The following photos is the result of 3 friends getting together in the pouring rain to create something.  Outfit details at the bottom. 

Hair: Karen Miles | Studio Luxe

Outfit 1: Dress by J. Peterman Company (14), Black Booties by Target (9.5)

Outfit 2: Coat by J. Crew (M), Dress by Baraschi (6) Boots by Sam Edelman (9.5) Necklace by Chapter

Outfit 3: Lace Top by Lucky Brand (XL), Denim by Seven 4 All Mankind (27), Booties by Von Dutch (10) and necklace by Chapter. 

Clothing all found at Consign Couture

Fall Looks At The Society Hotel

I don't know why I don't hang out at this hotel every Sunday and shoot new looks. Maybe I will. Every single day I get asked what are we looking for? I worked with a blogger and Megan Nanna to create a 5 best fall looks of what we are looking for. Megan was the photographer who freelances for Willamette Week. SHE DID SUCH A GREAT JOB! The Society Hotel in Chinatown is one of my most favorite places in Portland now. I've seen it transition from an old abandoned building 2 years ago to what it is now. A destination place in Portland where the staff all feels like family.

Here are some ideas of what we are looking for. 

Top Things we are looking for:

Ath-leisure, Sunglasses & athletic shoes. 

Black on Black, Tops, skinny jeggings, denim, leggings. 

Tops, Skinny/Straight denim, Boots & all coats. 

Holiday Dresses, heels, velvet, long gowns .

Going out: boots, rompers, pantsuits, handbags, backpacks.

Location: The Society Hotel

Photographer: Megan Nanna

Model: Katie Cockerill

Clothing: Consign Couture

Jewelry: Hana Designs BY Ayumi Angel