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Closet Clean Out With Tamara

Before Shot

Before Shot

One of the things i've done most of my life is clean and organize closets. Before I opened my shop I started organizing my friends closets and personal shopping and that was the perfect mixture of passions to open a consignment shop in 2011. I think I instinctively enjoyed color coding and making my own closet a fun place since I was little and my mom was and is a borderline mild hoarder (she's gotten a lot better!) Because of my upbringing I am a compulsive declutter. I've been in heaven the last 5 years with the minimalist and konmari methods going viral. I also love shopping and constantly evolving my personal style based on my travels and how I am feeling. 

I offer in home consignment pick ups and closet clean outs as add on services for my business but I also teach classes to declutter your closet. 

Here's what you need to pre-detox your closet: 

  • 6 bins/boxes

  • Full length mirror

  • Good music & morale support

  • Wine & snacks

Label your boxes or bins

  • Donate

  • Consign

  • Keepsakes

  • Trial Separation

  • Get Tailored

  • Off season storage

I made a highlight video this weekend doing a mini closet clean out with one of my clients with the filming thanks to Megan Nanna.  You can see some of the before closet photos where her closet seems not too cluttered. We touched every item and discussed if it worked for her current life, style and if she felt confident in it and after 4 hours we removed TWELVE trash bags of stuff. Amazing. My approach is not to force anyone to let go of things I just ask questions. 

After chatting with Teri post closet clean out she told me that she acquired the bulk of her excess "stuff" when she transitioned from the East coast to Portland 5 years ago. She realized she didn't know how to adjust to the PNW style and just continued to acquire instead of really identifying her own personal style and buying with confidence. 

My general rule of thumb is after a closet clean out to really sit with what you are missing and what you need and keep notes. After 2 weeks you can start shopping again with more confidence. 

A video with Tamara and Teri showing some of the process of what a normal closet clean out looks like. At the end her husband Ryan comes in and she had to explain she wasn't leaving him. (haha). 

Sorting process

Sorting process

This is not even all that we removed from Teri's closet. Most being donated to  GHM ministries!

This is not even all that we removed from Teri's closet. Most being donated to GHM ministries!

A quick after photo

A quick after photo

Now the process of shopping can be fun again now that Teri has a better idea of what she really needs. Not to mention all the space (physical & mental) she has now!

Thank you Meg for filming and photos. Thank you Teri and Ryan for letting me raid your home and allowing me to drink your good pink bubbles. 

The Last Two Years

The past two years I've had more personal growth than any other time period of my life. No matter what you may be facing I have found that the hardest things in life really do promote a new lens on life. I have gained an appreciation for all I have, a gratitude, and an understanding of life that fills me with more compassion, understanding and a deep sense of self.  

I want to thank Meg Nanna for the beautiful photos she did for The Women's Expo Magazine. about a week ago. I've been photographing as part of what I do my entire career and I have actually never had my own lifestyle shoot. She made me walk the talk I help others see for themselves. 

Holiday Personal Styling with Erin Enos

This weekend, from 11am-2pm, Join us for a couple hours of styling guidance with Portland stylist Erin Enos. We'll be covering the topics "how to add holiday classic and understated flare to an outfit." and  "What to wear to a work/family function over the holidays" the way we've started doing these personal styling 1:1s is being prepared with a topic that may be something you need help with right now but also just ready for any styling support you may need. Feel free to bring in an item of yours you need help with to complete a look and if we don't have it in store we will do our best to point you in the right direction. Check our Facebook page and Instagram for some in store specials this weekend along with a couple of give-a-ways. 

Q & A with Erin: 

Where can we find you online: My styling website is I am also on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest !

What got you in to personal styling?

I studied fashion marketing at the art institute. I always thought I wanted to be a buyer, but in my last year I took a Styling class. For our midterm we were asked to find someone to be a "personal shopper" for. The process was a lot more involved than I could have ever expected. Throughout the styling service, you end up working with, not for someone. It becomes more involved than shopping, you are helping someone be their best self. Looking good makes you feel good, and knowing that you can be a part of that transformation is such a great feeling. I was hooked!

Who is your mentor?

My mentor is the person who introduced me to styling long ago when I was at The Art Institute. Kamy Gray recognized my new found passion for styling and took me under her wing. She put me to work. It was sink or swim with her and she expected nothing but the best. She taught me the "why" of styling, how to run a successful business, and how to own my craft. Every day I am thankful for her guidance, and support. Thanks Kami!

What's your favorite part of being a personal stylist?

Without a doubt, it's the the people I get to meet. Not one of my customers want, or need the same thing which always makes what I do a new and exciting adventure.

What are your 3 favorite places to bring people to shop in Portland?

Nordstrom is great because of the service and variety, but it's the locally owned shops that are the best places to find the special item that's going to stand out the most. For these, I love Sloan on NW 23rd & in the Hawthorn district. For shoes, I would say Halo in the Pearl on Everett and 10th.

What is your most memorable moment styling someone?

One of my first customers, a male, and a style novice working in the tech industry hired me for a complete makeover. We were at J.Crew and I had him try on some slacks and a button up that were 3 sizes smaller than what he was was currently wearing. He stood in front of the mirror for what seemed like 30 min. He was beaming, and jokingly spun around saying "I can't believe how I good I look!! " It's been a few years now and he still calls or emails asking for advise. It never gets old. I love being someones style support system :)