Brunch Portland

Le Jardin

Nicole asked me if I wanted to carry a few necklaces she had made recently. She sent a picture and I was in love. We sold 3 in the first few days and have requests for more so I'm going to pester her to make more for our anniversary party this Saturday. 

Last Friday I popped into Nicole's new house so I could get some pictures of the necklaces. Her 4 year old, Yvie, who could be the cutest child alive was excited to ham it up for the camera. 

For the next hour Yvie entertained us all and I took some photos. Nicole's calling her line Le Jardin. 


Nicole & her Husband Travis own Leisure, a bar a few blocks from the shop which happens to be one of Portland's best kept Brunch spot secrets. The food & service is fantastic and there is never a wait.