Setting the Tone for Lake Oswego


Although both of our locations will be operating under the same name, the nature of the two shops will differ from each other slightly. Here are some general similarities and differences that will help set the tone for how our new Lake Oswego location (located at 252 B Ave. in Lake Oswego) will contrast the original St. John's location.

  • Both locations will focus on modern style consignment that is made or looks like it could have been made in the last few years. However, we will continue to accept vintage that has a classic look and/or can seamlessly blend into a modern style wardrobe. 
  • Both locations will carry a majority of women's consignment. The St. John's location will continue to have a small curated men's section, and in Lake Oswego we will be accepting a small selection of higher end men's and children's consignment. 
  • Although you will see a lot of similar brands and styles at both locations, the Lake Oswego location will carry more designer and luxury brands than you might see at our St. John's location. 

We've already gotten some amazing consignment in Lake Oswego that really puts an emphasis on the caliber and quality you can expect to see there: this week we've taken in pieces by Chanel, Chloe, Louis Vuitton, Celine, Hermes, Steven Alan, etc. 

Overall, the priority in both locations is to take in quality clothing that can be worn and loved and possibly even re-consigned later. We strive to carry a majority of natural fiber clothing that is better for us and for the environment.

As for the process of consigning, if you are already a consignor in St John's and wish to consign in Lake Oswego, you will have a singular account that you can use for both locations. Although your consignor credit can be used in both locations interchangeably, check payouts will have to be kept separate to each location until further notice.  

Photos of us getting ready to open