Grace applied to work at my friends bakery, Posies, a little over a year ago. When my friends saw her resume and noticed she had been a fashion designer in LA she sent me the resume. I met Grace and it was a great interview. I was worried she was overqualified for a shopgirl/etc position so I waited a little over a week to schedule the follow up. I knew I couldn't let her go. After working with her the first day seeing her get excited at the smallest things (like I do) being super random I knew she was going to fit right in.

As she ends her time here at Consign Couture on a regular basis in 2 weekends I have to explain some of what she did for my business. She listened and supported my daily challenges in running a small business, she allowed me to take meetings and develop my passions in working on my book, collaborating with other consignment shop owners, creating my shopping tours, explore growth options, spend time with my family, do more closet edits and she always cared about everything I did like it was hers too. Being next to her made me a better person because she was a walking talking living example of my favorite quote: "how you do anything is how you do everything". Grace is also a walking example of why anyone can be touched by gods love and grace. Even if you are not religious she embodies the most beautiful example of a perfectly un-perfect disciple of god. 

Where is Grace going? She's staying in the Portland area and hopes to have more time not working at CC to develop her own clothing line for women. When she is ready to show some of her inital prototypes I will be her biggest cheerleader. We will announce how you can follow her and support her very soon.  I know all of the regulars at the shop can't wait to see what she does next and we will all be behind you following your passions and dreams!

I will miss when she texts me a warning when she is microwaving chicken "chicken time" (because I hate the smell of chicken).

Love you Grace thank you for a year of service!